Malacca trip with foundation mates during the few months break before entering degree.

Part 1 Bachelor of Law (Hons.) induction day with Sofia and Athirah.

My happy pills throughout the semester - LWB01G

Tent teratai with Sofia and Zoheerulhaq.

A short escape to Sushi King after Tort's first common test.

Empire; UiTM Mock Trial V's big family.

FEASA; The working mates.

Fun Run organized by the Faculty of Engineering with Balqis.

I finally came to realize how important friendship is. No matter how you think you can live on your own, there'll be one time where you'll need your friends -- perhaps to have a shoulder to lean or, or to have someone to wake you up to get back on the right track. It is okay for someone to leave and didn't stay bcs that doesn't really matter; what matters the most is how you treasure the moments that you've spent with them.

For all this while, I've been wondering why am I even here. Law school has nothing to do with my initial plans in life. I have no talent to be a good law student, literally. Speaking infront of the public is most probably one of my greatest fear, debating isn't my passion, yada yada. I know the journey ain't gonna be an easy one but hey, what matters to Allah is your effort. Allah knows your struggle so be strong and have faith in Him. Have faith towards those who were there from the start and most importantly, have faith in yourself.

And once, a friend of mine told me; Hardwork could beat talent.

Here's to a start of something new -- where the question of why am I here is no longer the issue but making full use of the time that I'll be spending throughout my undergrad studies will be the real thing. I shall not give up, and so do you. Choose to spread goodness and love, always. 

12th of January and I have another 3 days to spend before my first semester ends.

Law school is hard. If someone asks if I ever regret entering law school, my answer would be yes if you ask me at the beginning of the semester. At the end of the semester, I realized how lucky am I to be here, selected among those people who really wants to be here but hadn't stand the chance to. From now on, I'm gonna treasure every single moment. And I realize how I enjoy even the most simplest thing in life now - laugh, simple smile from strangers, movie night with my girls.

I couldn't ask for more. Allah knows how grateful I am to be here, today. 
Thank you Allah. Thank you mak abah. And thank you to those who eventually stayed.

(And to you who left before I could even say goodbye - you've inspired me a lot to work hard so that I could get into LLB. I made it to law school, and I'm gonna make sure I graduate just in time, as how you've made it. Congratulations for graduating law school.)

Can't wait till Saturday bcs I'll be going back home, finally, after around 2 months of not being at home. 1/8 semesters done. 7 more to go. Allah yuftah alaik!

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